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Machinerie Maximo: Quality Drainage Plows and Tile Trailers

For many years Machinerie Maximo has taken on the leadership role in the development of agricultural draining machinery in Quebec. Because of the extraordinary know-how and unequalled expertise over a long period of time, Conception Maximo presents to the professional farmers two new and revolutionary drainage plows.

If you are in the market for a new, absolutely high quality and totally reliable drainage plow, you have come to the right place. Our drainage plows are revolutionary, special and of very high quality.

Exclusive models for revolutionary drainage

Because of its two, new and revolutionary drainage plows Model 72468 (for tractors in the 300 to 600 hp range) and Model 6046 (for tractors in the 200 to 300 hp range) you can take advantage of:

 Extra-ordinary precision when installing tile
 The simplicity of the drainage plow performance
 Speed of the tile installation
 Cost reduction
 Accumulated savings

Why chose us ?

Quality, Reliability, Precision, Honesty, Profitability and machinery proven to withstand the worst abuses are the major values of our company.

When we do business with you, we apply those principles and values rigorously.

All machinery manufactured by Machinerie Maximo, be it drainage plows, tile trailers and agricultural machinery etc. are produced with the end use and operator in mind. We will produce and sell only the absolute best equipment. And that will never change.

Stringer Trailer

The same goes for our Stringer Trailers. They are designed to help install your drainage tile in the most speedy and accurate manner, permitting quick reloading.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions concerning our draining equipment, the Stringer Trailer or other equipment which we manufacture. With our equipment you will benefit immediately by increasing your output and profit.

FeaturesDrainage Plow Model Maximo HDDrainage Plow Model Maximo
Drainage- Drainage up to 183 cm (6 feet deep)
- Clearance of 50 cm (1’ 8’’) for a total depth up to 2.3 m (7’ 8’’)
- Drainage up to 152 cm (5 feet deep)
- Clearance of 41 cm (1’ 4’’)
Stability and Flotation
- Tandem axle with tires 425/65R22.5 strategically positioned to ensure maximum flotation and stability, providing highest possible precision in the tile installation.

- Adjustments, if any, are automatically made by GPS or Laser
- All strategic parts are made of high abrasion resistance steel. The front is in the form of an angle, reducing the force of contact with the earth, the contact tip and the base is shaped like a V to prevent tile deformation.
- Plow tip position level control
Tile feeder
- Designed to avoid tile stretching. A latch system allows the feeder to be moved to the left or the right.
Road lights
- Conforming to the latest regulations concerning visibility of agricultural machinery.
Trailing boot
- 10 cm (4”) and 15 cm (6”) interchangeable tile boots
- Easily interchangeable and innovative : simply by manipulating a lever arm, you go from 10 cm to 15 cm (4" to 6") in seconds.
- 10 cm (4”) and 15 cm (6”) chutes
- 20 cm (8”) tubing chutesOPTIONOPTION
Weight Transfer
- The drainage plow is attached to the drawbar, transferring weight to the tractor for more accurate traction.
GPS and Laser
- Hydraulic extendable mast for improved GPS and Laser reception
(GPS and Laser not included)
Visual Indicators
- 3 visual indicators : 1/ for grading 2/ for depth 3/ for inclinaison
- System by remote control to manually change the tilt of the mole tip depending on soil types.
Help attachment
- A second hook is located next to the main unit, should the need arise for additional assistance.
- Curves are possible with a turning radius of 10m (35 feet).
- The drainage plow will follow in the identical track of the tractor.
Hydraulic tile feeder
- Absolute minimum maintenance
- Transportation on low bed trailer, without any special permits, if axles and wheels are removed

- Approximate weight 12 000 lbs for maximum stability

- Approximate weight 9500 lbs for maximum stability

Additional Drainage Machinery

Stringer Trailer

The three major advantages of our Stringer Trailer are: tandem wheels, security of operation, and speed. Used to bring large rolls of tile from storage to the field, the carts’ rotating table can be raised and lifted into a horizontal position for reloading. This stringer trailer unrolls and places the tile with unheard of precision.


The Trench Tooth

Easy to use, this tool allows you to dig trenches and move the excavated soil to both sides of the trench with unparalleled speed and precision

Chip Conveyor for Permeable Trench

For permeable trench.
For better drainage and increased efficiency, use this chip conveyor for inserting filter material (wood chips) in the trench to facilitate the flow of water to the drain.

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Machinerie Maximo Drainage Plows

Machinerie Maximo has designed two exclusive and revolutionary drainage plows that operate with tractors from 200 hp and above. Model #6046 performs exceptionally well with 200 to 300 hp tractors for soil drainage up to 152 m (5’) deep, while Model #72468 works wonders with 300 to 600 hp tractors, reaching depths of up to 182 m (6’).

Machinerie Maximo drainage plows are built to last and accurate. The mole plow design helps reduce strain on the drainage plow – no matter the soil type – with all key plow parts made of highly resistant steel to prevent abrasion and corrosion.

Other Key Features of Machinerie Maximo Drainage Plows

Machinerie Maximo manufactures high performance agricultural drainage plow equipment and parts thanks to its technologically advanced machinery.

A tandem axle with rubber tires ensures maximum buoyancy and stability. All plows are also equipped with a stabilizer, tile feeder, trailing boots, 3 visual gauges/sensors (depth, level and slope), an actuator, support clip, road lights and room for a laser or a GPS control system to  be installed. Conception Maximo’s drainage plows also effectively transfer weight to the tractor for improved traction. You couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to quality and performance !

Additional Drainage Plow Equipment

Drainage plows can be used with a Stringer Trailer (trailer for drainage tiles). Conception Maximo stringer trailers are designed with safety and agility in mind. Conception Maximo also makes Trench Tooth and Chip Conveyors for permeable trenches.

Agricultural drainage plows require minimal maintenance. Although fitted with road lights for on-road transport, they can just as easily be transported on a flatbed truck.

Great Return on Investment

Save money on agricultural drain installation by purchasing your own drainage plow. Why pay a contractor when you can do the work yourself? A quick, convenient and economical solution.

With your new drainage plow you’ll benefit from greater crop yield which means increased revenue in your pocket and rapid return on investment.


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